El Mohajeer

Assallamuallaykum wr wb, Bismillah walhamdulillah wassalatu wassalamu ala Rasulillah Wa’ala Aalihie Wasahbihie Waman Walaah,

Innalhamdalillahi nahmaduhu wanasta’iinuhu wanastaghfiruhu Wana’udzubiillah minsyurruri ‘anfusinaa waminsayyi’ati ‘amaalinnaa manyahdihillah falah mudhillalah Wa man yudhlil falaa haadiyalah wa-asy-hadu allaa ilaaha illallaahu wah-dahu laa syariikalah wa-asy-hadu anna muhammadan ‘abduhu wa rasuuluh.

I was a traveler who seeks the truth,people who search for clues in the midst of the crowd, people who aspire to the glory of his country, freedom, peace and a prosperous life under the Islamic holy, I am a servant who knows the purpose of life ,”Verily my prayer, worship, life and death is due to Allah Lord of the Worlds, no partner for Him, and thus is where I am, then who are you?” Allah is our objective, the Messenger is our leader,Al-Qur ‘an dustur us, jihad is our way of life, died on the way of Allah is the highest ideals of our ..

those who believe and emigrate and strive in the way of Allah with their wealth, objects and themselves, is a higher rank in the sight of Allah, and that the people who got the victory. Surat At-Tauba 20

Allah has helped you (protect each mu’minin) on the battlefields of many, and (remember) Hunain warfare, namely at a time when you become arrogant because of the large number of (mu), then the amount that it does not give much benefit to you at all, and the wide earth have felt cramped for yourselves, then you run backward with a divorced apart. Surat At-Tauba 25

The army of the Imam has risen. the Prophet (S.A.W) said that “if one cannot fight in the path of Allah by Physical means then he should do so by financing Jihad and if one cannot do that then he should pray for those that are fighting in the path of Allah.”

the brothers in khorasan are fighting to defend the lives and honour of their mothers and sisters. fighting to defend their country and above all, fighting to defend the religion of Islam

The prophet (S.A.W) said ” when you see black flags rising from khorasan go and join that army even if you have to crawl over ice for among them will be Al Mahdi”

Because of this many have tried to conquer Afghanistan and have failed. first the British during the imperialist years, then the Russians at the time of the soviet union and guess whose trying now.

Because Khorasan (Afghanistan) will be where the Mahdi will appear, it seems only rational that the servants of dajjal should occupy it first,

HOWEVER the prophet made it clear that an army would arise from here and would win this war. after this the Mahdi will appear and lead his forces to
march upon Jerusalem and while doing so he will LIBERATE every single country on the way, in a straight line said the prophet (S.A.W.)

Pray that Allah makes it easy for all our brothers who are fighting against oppression in world weather through physical means or material means.


“Allahumma munzilal kitab wa mujriyas sahaab wa haazimal ahzaab ihzim densus 88 wa juyusy wa syurath wa anshor thoghut Indonesia wa dammirhum wa farriq jam’ahum wa syamlahum wa ahlikhum wanshuril mujahidin ‘alaihim. Allahumma Dammir Densus 88 Tadmiiro wa Farriq Jam’ahum wa Syattit Syamlahum, Allahumma Shihim ‘Adada Waqtulhum Badada Waj’alhum Qirodata Wa Khonaziro Wa ‘Abadath Thogut!”

Allahumma ashlih Ummata Muhammad. Allahumma farrij ‘an Ummata Muhammad. Allahumma Rham Ummata Muhammad [sallAllahu alayhi wasalam] Allahumma ansur al-muslimeena fil falasteen, wa fi cheechan, wa fi Kashmir, wa fil Iraq, wa fil Hind, wa fil Afghanistan, wa fil Filibeen, wa fil Bakistan wa fi kulli makaan Allahumma aizzal-Islama wal-Muslimeen, Allahumma aizzal-Islama wal-Muslimeen, wa adhillash-shirka wal-Mushrikeen, wa dammir adaa’ad-deen, wahmi hawzatal-Islami Ya rabbal Alameen. Allahumma adh-dhibil-Kafarata wa alqi fi qulubihim-urr-‘uba wa khalfi baina kalimatihi wa anzil ‘alaiyhim rijzaka wa adhabak

Allahumma inna nasta’inuka wa nastaghfiruka, wa nu’minu bika, wa natawwakkalu alayika, wa nusni alayikal khaira, wa nashkuruka wa la nakforuka wa nakhla’u wa natruku manyafjoruk. Allahumma iyyaka na’budu wa laka nusalli wa nasjudu wa ilayika nasa wa nahfidu, wa narju Rahmataka wa nakhsha ‘adhzabaka inna adhabaka al-jidda bi al-kuffari mulhiq

Allahummaanshurrill Ikhwana Mujahidina fii kulli makaan ! faqtuluu musyrikina haitsu wajadtumuuhum .Qaatala Litakuna Kalimatallah Hiyal ‘ulya Fahuwa fi sabilillah

“And Allah has promised those among you who believe and do good deeds (such as fighting to uphold Islam in the face of the earth) that he really must make those in power in the earth as He made those before them in power. And indeed He must confirm to those who have diridlai dien him (Islam) to them. And He’s really going to change their situation they are in fear of being safe Sentausa, (the condition), they still worship Me with not associate anything with Me. And anyone who (still) disbelieved after this promise, then they are the ones who rebel. “(Surat An-Nuur: 55).

Allahumma Dammir Juyuusyal Yahuud wa syattit ramyahum wa zalzil aqdaamahum wa nufuusahum … Ya Allah Hancurkanlah tentara Yahudi, buyarkan serangan mereka, dan guncangkanlah langkah dan jiwa mereka … Amiin ..

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